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We Create, Manage & Scale Your Omnichannel E-Commerce Business

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5+1 Popular Services by TECO

All-in-One Services

Top Click provides End-to-End E-Commerce Managed Services (from strategizing, content creation, execution of on-going sales campaign, e-store management, customer service, big data analytics to back-end operation such as warehousing, packaging and delivery).

E-Commerce Experts

Seeing your success in your business is our greatest satisfaction. Our passion in dedicating the best to make your e-commerce business a success story is our ultimate aim and thus we make it our core business to ensure we have the necessary resources to assist you and we aim to be your strategic partner in helping you getting the best results.


We help you to spread your brands & sales at great momentum by targeting buyers across ASEAN Region. We specialist in getting sales in the region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & other SEA Countries.


Across the omnichannel (eg Lazada, Shopee, other e-marketplace, brand store, social media and other innovative platforms), we Improvise, Improve and Integrate our experiences In these areas to maximise return of your business via state of the art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

E-COMMERCE Data Analyst

A group of experienced & passioned team are at your service. Our experts and solutions help to provide you with valuable insights on your customers, products, pricing and business for your better decision making.

Proven Results

We have more than 300++ success cases across different industries ranging from FMCG, electronic, fashion, beauty & care, pharmaceutical and many more.

Sell on E-Commerce Effortlessly


Automated Business

Online business never stop! Let the money work harder for your 24/7*365 even you are sleeping!

Multi-Channel Business

Potential income from multi-channel. More Channel= More Sales.

Low Risk High ROI

Nearly ZERO investment to start your online business. What you need to do is to setup an account and let it auto-run by itself!

Less Monitoring

Less monitoring is needed. What you need to do is to handle overwhelm sales everyday!

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Bonus for You

Omnichannel (Digital)

We help ADVICE, REGISTER and SET UP your onmichannel online platforms which include:

• Corporate website
• Your own e-commerce store
• Your social media (eg: Facebook, Instagram etc)
• Merchant accounts at top Marketplaces (eg Lazada, Shopee, 11street/Prestamall etc)
• Online payment getway accounts (eg: ipay88, MOLPay etc) 

Marketing Content

We work with your team to create the most impactful marketing content which include:

• Website content (writes up on corporate profile, overview, etc)
• Website pictures, photos
• Photoshoot and edit on Product/ SKU
• Digital marketing campaign/ promotions banners
• Viral video 

Omnichannel Digital Marketing

We help you manage your on-going marketing campaigns to optimize lead generations and sales. These include content creation & ads management across omnichannels:

• Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram etc)
• Corporate website & e-store (advertising, SEO, google ads etc)
• Marketplaces (lazada, shopee, prestomall, amazon) sales/ promotional campaigns (eg CNY, Raya, Christmas, 0909 (9 Sept), 1010 (10 Oct), 1111 (11 Nov), 1212 (12 Dec) etc)
• Video ads
• Social media influencer  

Outsourcing of customer service & operations (Manpower)

We help you/ your team manage/run the entire e-commerce operations which include:

• Manage your omnichannel accounts (website, estore, MP, social media)
• Ongoing update on product photos, pricing, campaign
• Customer Services (customer enquiry, refund, return, delivery, rating)
• Work with your team on day-to-day operations such as packing, delivery. We can even help outsource your entire warehousing & delivery operations for e-commerce sales! 

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