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Our Services

Top Click was founded in 2018 to provide total
e-commerce outsourcing services to diverse industries.

Our Service

Top Click concept is to implement an o2o service for the SMEs & MNC. The aim of this business strategy is to encourage the potential customer from online channels to make a purchase at a physical store. We gather the data from online channels and analyze it, so we can better understand which channels deliver the best results, and thus more accurately allocate their budgets.


We provide total e-commerce managed services to help our customers optimize their e-commerce strategies across Omnichannels (e.g. marketplace, brand store, social media and other innovative platforms). We also provide end-to-end management to help you achieve new heights in your business.

Set Up

To build up your marketplace, website or facebook account, set up is the first and important step. Our team at the initial stage will do a whole planning for SKU category roadmap, product listing, done all the necessary backend setting, decoration planning to ensure the store / channel deliver your business image and leave a good impression on visitors.


We always design to convey a better message than the words. Our design team has a very strong background in ecommerce and they are best at planning ,designing and visually representing your idea to reality, placing you with a unique brand presence with consistent design elements throughout your visuals.

Analysis & marketing

Our Marketing team is constantly monitoring, analysing, and strategizing to maintain continuous improvement on our stores’ performance. The market data will be studied and analysed by our team in terms of generating new strategies and plans that suit the current market demand.


The daily operation for managing the store’s inventory, pricing , and promotion update can be quite heavy. However, we have a team dedicated to manage your webstore/ marketplace product  inventory, pricing and promotion update. Our team is trained with our internal SOP to ensure the pricing & stock accuracy .

Customer Service

We believe the importance of having good customer service can increase the customer’s satisfaction and the shopping experience. Therefore, Top Click is here to support your communication with customers in the shopping process, before and after sale for all your online channels (including social media, marketplace, webstore,Whatsapp).  Our team is equipped with fluent English, Malay & Chinese languages so that we can easily serve you in any different languages.

Build Your Online Presence!

WordPress Development

One of the primary reasons for having a website for your organisation is to boost its reputation. A website can be the face of your business, it helps create a strong first impression, builds trust and credibility in the minds of the consumers. Drive more traffic to your website to aim for quality customers to achieve the greatest ROI. Let’s us help you in your digital journey and accelerate your ecommerce business.

The TRUE Grow For Your Business!

Facebook Ads Management

Our dedicated digital marketing specialists help businesses achieve real results while maintaining a healthy KPI, drive quality traffic that converts to leads and achieve limitless growth. As an expert in Lead Generation, we have a thorough grasp of what makes an advertising effective. We continuously sharpening our skills and help to position your business to a larger target audience.

Made Easy Now For Everyone!

Marketplace Management Service

Online is everywhere, your business can quickly reach out to customers regardless of time or location. Customers can quickly discover your shop with only a few clicks. We are performance oriented, giving you the best performing result. We take care of your day-to-day marketplace optimization includes:

We Create, Manage & Scale Your Omnichannel E-Commerce Business

TECO (Total E-Commerce Outsourcing)

Top Click provides End-to-End E-Commerce Managed Services (from strategizing, content creation, execution of on-going sales campaign, e-store management, customer service, big data analytics to back-end operation such as warehousing, packaging and delivery).

Let's build something amazing together.