Smarter Industry: Internet Of Thing (IOT)

The Emerging Industry of IOT

According to MIMOS Bhd Chief Executive Officer Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah, Malaysia is well-positioned to become a regional hub for IoT, as the country has strong foundations in the electronics and semiconductors manufacturing industries — which are an essential part of the entire IoT ecosystem. 

  • Company who implemented IOT lies in better decision-making. By understanding the data input to the software, you can achieve more strategic objectives or benchmark performance, means more effective and less mistakes.
  • Big Data has become the term for the ability to find significant trends or emerging patterns detectable only by rapidly scanning many millions of unstructured data items in different formats from a multitude of diverse sources.

Industry 4.0 powered by IOT


Timely Analysis

Once the software receive the data in real-time, it will push the data into a message queue, and performs machine learning to classify the data for analysis.



From sensors to connectivity, and continuing to infrastructure and then to its integration to software, all the process is flawless with the IOT implemented.



Our software will analyse the data and learn how to apply in order to enhance the current process. All without hand coding.

What we can help

Make sure all the equipment are deployed correctly and connected to web-based network.

Once we have identify you are qualified, we will advise you what you should do next.


Be the Frontliner of Your Industry.