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How do you grow your business without financial support? Where do you apply for SME Loans/Grants? Why the application is being rejected? Here at Top Click we can help;

  • Assist Malaysian SMEs across various sectors in obtaining the financing/ loan that is required, at a faster rate and at their own convenience.
  • We have a huge range of financial selection, you can find the best SME business financing/ loan options for your business, saving you the hassle of going to multiple banks to look for financing.

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Wide Range

From soft loan to term loan, personal loan to grants. The decision is on your hand now.



We will consult you which is the best solution for you and guide you what are the requirements to get the financial support.


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Low/No collaterals | Hassle FREE

What we can help

We are committed to guide you from step 1 until the last mile. We will ensure your application is successful.

Once we have identify you are qualified, we will advise you what you should do next.


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