Setting Up New E-Store?

Setting Up
New E-Store?

Why Build Your Own E-store?
  • There as so much benefits to build your own e-store, among the best, you can have more brand exposure compare to selling in marketplaces
  • You will have no competitors in your own store! Customers will only focus on your products
  • You can have your own marketing campaigns, you do not need to wait for MyCyberSales or 11.11
  • While marketplace could be a quick wins, e-store is definitely one of the most important e-commerce channel that bring you mid to long term brand awareness, sales and success for yur brand

If You Are

Brand Owner




Want to bring your business online & develop your own ‘electronic”/ brand store so to:

  • Create strong online brand presence & awareness, especially to the new generation of buyers (who active user for digital)
  • To reach out to new potential buyers which will be hard or less effective to reach via conventional channels
  • Further expand your customer database, brand loyalty & recurring sales
  • Implement O2O (online to offline to online) strategies to complete your customer engagement and purchase experience
  • Run your uniqued sales & customer loyalty campaigns tailored to your customers’ needs in driving more values to your customer
  • Webstore that can manage both your agent, reseller and your end customer e-commerce sales

Then Our E-store Managed Services Offering Can Help!

Our E-store Managed Service Offerings

Our e-store solutions cater for both B2B and B2C.

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end e-store managed service to help you strategize, take care + manage your entire e-stores so that you can focus in your core product/business while enjoying the results from good e-commerce sales + implementation

Our e-store managed service cover the following areas:

Business Plan

Our consultant to analysis your existing business plan + jointly formulate unique e-commerce strategies tailored your product/company needs



  • Automatically sync your stores with Shopee, Lazada, Presto Mall, PG Mall and etc
  • Build your own e-store with pre-designed templates
  • SEO friendly site for more brand exposure and visibility
  • Integrated with multiple payment gateways
  • Multiple selections for fulfilment/delivery options


  • Multiple selections for fulfilment/delivery options
  • Pricing tiers (diff pricing for your normal/ B2C customer, reseller, gold partner, distributor etc)
  • Ability to run customised campaign to suit different customer group
  • Support various payment method: online, cheque, credit terms
  • Credit control functionalities: set credit limit, credit control
  • Delivery enabled
  • Data analytics (to analyse your sales, product, customer, pricing trends and performance etc)
  • Wide selection of theme to have the ideal look & feel and suit your needs/ brand image
Set Up Stage
  • e-store registration + set up (domain, subscription, payment, delivery options)
  • Product photography (model or product)
  • Content creation
Traffic, Leads & Sales Generations
  • Optimization traffic generations via omni-channels (eg marketplace – Lazada/Shopee), social media (eg Facebook, Instagram), O2O (offline-online-offline), Facebook live, influencer/KOL etc)
  • Joint-campaign/ pricing strategies (with customer) leveraging on in-depth sales, product, competition & data analytics
  • Optimise leads + sales conversion
  • Dedicated customer service + management of your merchant/flagship e-stores
  • Warehousing (optional)
  • Packing (optional)
  • Delivery
  • Inventory management
  • Finance management
Periodic Account Review

Our consultant will perform account review with your team periodically to understand on past performance and to strategize on how to better achieve targets set by your company

Start Selling with Your Own Marketplace

Get started today with Top Click, we provide you a comprehensive end-to-end e-marketplace managed services, from setting up account, planning, posting, content, marketing to fulfilment. 

You Could Be

Totally new to e-commerce, never done it before – don’t know how/where to start, don’t not have the right team/ resource to do it; looking for someone who can help manage your entire e-commerce strategies & operations

Started some basic operations at e-commerce channels (eg opened store at Lazada, Shopee, brand store etc), but results not as good as your expected, and you believe your products have much more potentials (ie can achieve higher sales): would like to get experts’ help to further optimise your e-commerce strategies, channels, operations & sales

Principal/ brand owner who believe your customers are moving towards online and digital marketing (eg FB live, shopee live, influencer KOL etc) will definitely be one of the most effective channels in reaching out to them to create brand awareness, run sales campigns, create engagement with your customers but lack of expertise to guide you in these new digital strategies:

The Top Click could just be exactly the right partner for you!

Ready to Skyrocket Your Sales in Your Own E-Store?

Don't think, just do it! We help you to increase your brand awareness, getting you more leads, and definitely MORE sales!